Current AHCA Members

Names are listed alphabetically by FIRST NAME

We are in the process of continuously updating this list for accuracy, but if you cannot locate your name and expect to see it, please call the AHCA office at 512-270-0132 or email and we will reply promptly! Do check to see if you are listed with a spouse or significant other. Members listed are from December 1, 2017 to the present. They now include Eberly sponsors who are granted a complimentary membership.


ABC Bank
Adam Friedman
Alan & Nancy Schumann
Ali and David Martineau
Amalia Rodriguez-Mendoza
Andrew Fish
Ann and Don Cooper
Ann & Dr. Leonard Dolce
Ann Marie Harrison
Ann B. McIver
Anne Bruno
Anne Wheat
Ascension Seton
Anne & David Ramos
Arnold Garcia
Austin Energy
Austin Community College
The Austin Club


Barry and Karen Aidman
Barbara S. Bridges
Benchmark Bank
Beth Fowler and Mike Buls
Beth and Tom Granger
Betty Jane "BJ" Andrews
Betje B. Klier, Ph.D
Beverly Thomas
Bill McLellan
Bob Barnes
Bob Honts
Judge Bob Perkins
Bob Rutishauser
Judge Bob Shannon
Bob and Angie Ward
Bob and Brenda Woody
The Bowman Family
Bradley and Kimberly Schlosser
Brooks Goldsmith
Bruce Todd and Elizabeth Christian
Bryan Hardeman
Butler Nonprofit Consulting
Bradley and Kimberly Schlosser


Camille Miller
Candace and John Volz
Captain Charles F. Millett
Capitol Chevrolet
Carole Buckman
Carol Castlebury
Carol Lindeman
Carol and Sam Martin
Carole and George Nalle
Carole Friedman
Carole Keeton
Centro Development, Kent Collins
Charles and Sylvia Betts
Charles Borst
Charles Peveto
Charles Page and Michelle Slattery
Chris Riley
Chris Treadaway
Christie and Bill Nalle
Chuck Taylor
Cindy Brandimarte
Clarence West
Clift Bowman
Clift and Sue Price
Colin Corgan
Colleen Mehner
Corby Jastrow


H. Dalton Wallace
David and Dealey Herndon
Dane and Rita Hersey
David Bodenman and Sue Edwards
David and Susan Erickson
David Rockwood
Debbie Martin & Robert Sullivan
Dennis Bitterlich
DeWitt Peart
Downtown Austin Alliance


Dr. Emma Lou Linn
Elliot Naishtat
Eric Overtonn
Emily Kliene
Erika Herndon
Evan Taniguchi
Eva Riley


Felicia Kongable
Ferne and Walter Mizell
Flo Ann Randle
Forrest Preece and Linda Ball
Fowler Law Firm
Frederick, Ann, and Will Dure


Gabrielle Duran
Gay Ratliff
Geoff and Veray Wool
George Cofer
Gerald Adams
Geronimo Rodriguez
Glenda Goehrs
Gordon Johnson
Greg and Mari Marchbanks
Gus Garcia


Heath Riddles
Helen Covert
Helen Spear
Henna Chevrolet
Highland Resources, Inc.


IBC Bank
Ida and John Falvey
The Inviting Pear
Iryne Zolatar


J. (Janet) Fotini Margos
Jack and Jill Locy
Jan Lehman
Jane Wynn Doughtie
James Moritz
James Wilso
Jare Smith
Jean Mueller
Jeff Cohen & Francine Gertz
Jerry and Phyllis Nugent
Jerry Tucker
Jim Innes
Jim Morgan
Joe Bryson
John C. Horton III
John and Ann Howard
John & JoAnn Luedecke
John and Sue Murphy
John Nyfeler
Josh Alsup
Judy Maggio
Julia Mellenbruch
June and Harlan Cooper


Karen Ratcliffe
Karrie and Tim League
Kathleen and Nick Deaver
Kathleen Davis and Frank Niendorff
Kay Arnold
Kay Taebel
Ken Koock
Kent Collins
State Senator Kirk Watson


Larry Graham
Larry Peel
Laura Fowler and Robert Penn Fowler
Laurie Humphreys
Lee Cooke
Lee Leffingwell
Linda Bush
Linda Butler Young
Linda Perry
Lindsay Sharpe
Lisa Rose
Lisa Stewart
Lolla Page
Lori Duran
Lori Martin
Louis and Marci Henna
Lynn & Frank Cooksey
Luci Baines Johnson


McElroy, Sullivan, Miller & Weber L.L.P
Madeline Lyerly
Maline McCalla
Margaret Keys
Margeret Cox
Marian Casey
MariBen Ramsey and Karen Kahan
Mark Littlefield
Mark McCormick
Mark Rowe
Mary Ann Bradfield and Family
Mary Arnold
Mary Bohls
Mary Kevorkian
Mary Kahle
Mary Paver
Matt Gossage
Max Rice
The McBee Family Foundation
Melvin and Pat Oakes
Meta Butler Hunt
The Michael Butler Family
Mike Miller
Mitchell McGovern
Monte and Patty Akers
Mollie O'Hara
Mose Buchele


Nancy Nash Harper


Oscar and Nancy Robinson


Pat Calhoun
Paul Holubec
Patricia Albright
Pearl Events Austin
Phoebe Allen and Dick Kallerman
Peggy Davis Braun
Perry Lorenz
Prominent Title
Preservation Austin


Real Estate Council of Austin
Dr. Richard Rhodes
Robert and Becky Heiser
Richard Gilbane
Rita and Matthew Kreisle
Rob Heiser
Robert Johnson
Robert McBee
Robert Tieman
Robert and Michelle Godwin
Royce and Donna Faulkner
Rosemary Snow
Rosemary Morrow
Ron and Carole Mullen
Russell Butler
Rusty Edgar
Ruthann and Roy Rushing
Ryan Bennett


Sally Bowman
Sam Perry
Sandy Gottesman
Sara Klein
Saundra Kirk
St. David's Foundation
Schlosser Development Corporation
Scott Joslove
Steve and Janiece Manning
Stephen Davis
Stephen Livingston
Susan Moffat & Nick Barbaro
Suzy Lindeman Snyder


Ted Eubanks
Terry Sherrell
Terry and Judy Bray
Terral Smith
Terrell Blodgett
Texas Gas Service
Texas Hotel & Lodging Association
Tim Crowley
Todd Olsen
Tommy Bergstrom
Dr. Tom Holzbach


Victoria Wilson
Virginia Nokes
Visit Austin
Volz & Associates, Inc.


W.R. "Peck" Young
Walter C. Long
Walter E. Timberlake
Westbank Flower Market
Will Garner
William Schleuse and Virginia McDermott
Will Wynn
Winifred T. "Tish" Hall


Yasmiris Serna Mesa and Jeffrey Dochen


Zachariah Evans


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