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  • AHCA appreciates the memorial gift/honorial gift or general donation you are about to make!
  • AHCA now classifies general donations/memorial gifts/honorial gifts at $50 or above (or $35 and above if you are a student) as ANNUAL MEMBERSHIPS. This provides you membership benefits for a year, and the opportunity to renew your gift in a year.
  • If there are special instructions you would like to include with your donation, either: (1) provide in form below on this page, or, (2) email them to, or (3) in the online payment form at paypal  (after clicking the donate link), please look for and add a note to the field called “Instruction from Buyer.” This will allow you to indicate if you are supporting a specific program or initiative, or to provide a personal note.
  • If you wish to donate less than $50 (or less than $35 if you are a student), please either call 512-270-0132 for staff to collect card info by phone – or – mail in a check to AHCA at th address shown below.

If you need assistance or information, please call 512-270-0132 or email

Austin History Center Association’s TAX ID# is 74-217759. Donations are tax deductible.

If you prefer to mail a check to make your gift (which eliminates the nominal fee charge added on), please mail the contribution to:

AHCA P.O. BOX 2287 AUSTIN, TX 78768


*All transaction below include an incremental extra fee to offset the merchant fee cost to the organization.

Honorial Gifts/Memorial Gifts/General Donations*


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